What makes a great customer service agent?

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What Makes Great Customer Service Agents?


So what makes a customer service agent ‘Great’ in the brick and mortar retail environment? Is

it just smiling and offering help to clients, or is it more than that? Companies tend to look for

people with certain characteristics already in place when employing customer service agents.

There are times as consumers we enter a place of business and leave with a sense of happiness

and satisfaction without really knowing why. It’s more than just the product or service we were

given but the way in which it was done. The people in the store, the greeting you received, how

welcomed you felt and the way in which employees tended to all of your needs without



Aside from typical job requirements such as Product Knowledge, Phone Skills, Sales Techniques etc., there are a few qualities that come to mind when we think of a great customer service agent:

  1. Communication Skills - This is necessary so that you get a clear understanding or what the company is about as well as clear instructions on how to deal with the issue you came into the store for.
  1. Empathy – Truly understanding the reason for a customer’s visit and assisting to all their needs.
  1. Self-Control - This is important because not all customers are a ray of sunshine but all must be given the same level of respect and service. So even though the agent may not agree with the customer they should still be calm, collected and professional.
  1. PCC - The agent must also be patient, caring and compassionate. It is vital that the customer feels cared for and important while they are in the store. The agents job is to make sure that happens.
  1. Extra Mile - The agent must also be willing to go the extra mile to satisfy a customer. Just carrying out the daily duties and guidelines isn’t always the best way to leave a lasting impression with a customer. Sometimes going that extra mile and doing something that will impact them positively for the rest of the day is needed.


So who keeps customer service agents in check?

Mystery Shoppers exist to ensure that company standards are upheld when delivering on the

customer experience. In turn, customer service agents remain on their toes and continue to

give the best service possible. When a mystery shopper enters a location there are a number of

things they need to keep a track of mentally, however, the customer service they receive is a

major aspect of what Get Savvy pays attention to.


The goal of mystery shoppers is to ensure all these qualities are shown to everyone who enters

a store location regardless of any factor. Hopefully we can keep these traits in mind next time

we speak to a customer service agent.