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Sarah Gilvery: (San Fernando, Trinidad)

A few weeks after I had signed up to become a mystery shopper for Get Savvy I was contacted. This was my first time doing something like this so I was rather excited to get out my comfort zone. I was given the location and opening hours from a Get Savvy employee so it was easy for me to set a time and date to go into the store. The survey was rather straight forward and I went in feeling pretty confident about completing the task. I was able to communicate with Get Savvy employees on my phone throughout the whole process which made me feel like I was not alone. Once I walked in the store I was greeted by a representative. I asked about the services offered and if he could explain the best ones. It was clear that he was well informed of all the package deals that they had. I took his name and decided to leave. I spent about 12 minutes in the store and felt very accomplished knowing I would be able to fill out the survey fully. This experience was really eye opening. We don’t always take the appearance and service of a store into consideration while running our errands. However, these aspects make the shopping experience better for all customers. I went home and was able to easily upload the survey form to the website. I must commend the Get Savvy team for being so clear and prompt with their messages so I was never left in the dark. I look forward to doing more shops in the future.

Sharine Duncan (Plymouth, Montserrat)

I saw a Facebook ad come up on my feed one-day asking if I would like to be a mystery shopper. I had previously done a mystery shopping program back in college but never had the opportunity to do it again. I decided to sign up since financial rewards were being offered by Get Savvy and it seemed they had a couple clients in Montserrat. The website looked legit so I trusted that this wasn’t a scam. Six days later, I was contacted to carry out a mystery shop at a store location walking distance from my house. I was told what I needed to do and the deadline it needed to be accomplished. It all seemed doable so I headed out the following day to the store location. I could already see that the location did not pass some of the survey questions by just looking at the dirty windows and entranceway. When I entered no one spoke to me, I had to go up to the counter to ask for assistance. The employees name was Jordan, he was very warm and friendly. I almost felt like he was the complete opposite of the stores environment. Jordan was neatly dressed and offered a warm and joyful tone as we spoke about the products available for sale. However, the store itself could have been cleaner and more organized. I believe he helped to make the experience much better for the few customers. I had reviewed the survey before going on the visit and took note of everything before I left. I then walked back home and uploaded the survey. The payment was sent in a timely manner the next month. I hope that I will get assigned more mystery shops again.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in becoming a mystery shopper, sign up with this link