5 Tips on how to be a successful mystery shopper

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How to be a successful Mystery Shopper: Keep these 5 things in mind  

We have a lot of people who sign up to Mystery shop for our company around the world. But some of them sign up without fully understanding what mystery shopping is exactly. We get questions like “Yes I signed up, what is it that I have to do,” and so we begin breaking it down for them.

Being a great mystery shopper always comes down to a few different factors but mainly it involves getting into the right frame of mind before you enter the shop.

  1. Read & Understand

For all of our shops we give our shoppers information about the company, payment options and guidelines for going about the shop including things that are required in order for the shop to be completed. Before you even begin your shop it’s important to know everything that you’re signing up for and information about the company your mystery shopping for including location, opening hours and contact information. Once you have read through the checklist and other information thoroughly, if you have any further questions you can ask the coordinator.

  1. Know what to look out for!

This is one of the most important tips to keep in mind. Before you go in there’s a list of questions that you will have to answer post-shop, so it only makes sense to have an idea of what to look out for before you go in. This way you avoid the back and forth,  wasting time or even the risk of drawing suspicion to yourself. When you know what you need to look out for it makes everything seamless and simple.

  1. What’s your story?

Every mystery shopper has a story, you either go in and ask “Hey, do you have anymore of this product and how much does it cost?,” “Hi, how long would it take for this.” Whatever the case is, if you get your story straight and know what you’re going to ask about before you go in, you’re good to go!

So, after you know more about the company and the questions in the survey, figure out what you’re going to ask about. It’ll make the whole experience that much easier.

  1. Make notes

Do you have a lot going on? Are you a forgetful person? Yes? This tip is for you. We’re all human and we all forget things but there’s an easy way to avoid this and it’s simply just jotting things down either in a notes application on your phone or even a small piece of paper. Our shoppers have found it easier to jot a few things down after their shop so they don’t forget when they’re filling out the survey online later (if it’s not possible for them to do it right after their shop).

This way you won’t forget any details, easy fix if you ask us!

  1. Do it quickly !

We tell all of our shoppers this, the faster you go from going in for the shop to completing the survey is the higher chance of accuracy. This means, the information is at the forefront of your mind and you are more likely to have the best answers in that moment. It also means that you get it out of the way faster and more efficiently and are more likely to be chosen for future shops! Dependability and reliability are the core values we seek for our shoppers.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in becoming a mystery shopper, you can sign up here: https://forms.gle/hAc2Mo9xkuvjB4nw6 for any opportunity in your location!